Himalayan Salt Plate (Rectangle)

Himalayan Salt Plate (Rectangle)

  • Origin: Pakistan
  • Size: 305 x 203 x 32 mm
  • Availability: In Stock
  • HK$160.00

  • Ex Tax: HK$160.00

Storage Condition:           Store below 50 °C

Ingredients:           Salt / Sodium

- As a heating and cooking surface for food – use over gas stove, for grilling and BBQ

- As a chilling dish for food, cold appetizers, desserts and fruits when pre-chilled in fridge

- Gorgeous outlook and display, to show your good sense of style in cooking and home furnishing

- top-grade rock salt by hand selection

- ULTRASONIC-TECH & RO Purified Water cleaning

- Only Food-grade equipment in whole production process

- 10 int’l accredited certifications

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