JP SEIKEN Five-Kind Apple Juice (1L)

JP SEIKEN Five-Kind Apple Juice (1L)

  • Origin: Japan
  • Weight: 1L / Bottle
  • Availability: In Stock
  • HK$29.00

  • Ex Tax: HK$29.00

This is a method of enhancing the freshness of Aomori apples by refrigerating process. 

Freshly squeezed 5 kinds of apples, including Ruby and Fuji, into 100% apple juice, without adding water, sugar and spices.

The fruit juice produced by this process has a mellow taste, a smooth texture, and rich aftertaste.

Produced by a factory certified to ISO 22000.

Proof of top drinks recognized by world-class chefs and sommeliers ITQi: Outstanding Taste Award Two Star Award

[What is a "leaved apple"]

Apples cultivated with cultivation methods that preserve every precious leaf as much as possible.

Usually, in order to make the apple better colored, you need to remove the extra leaves that block the sun.

However, if the cultivation method is used to retain the leaves as much as possible, the fruit can get more nutrients from the leaves, so that the taste of the apple is closer to the original flavor.

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