Norwegian Salmon (Whole)

Norwegian Salmon (Whole)

  • Origin: Norway
  • Weight: abt 5.6-5.8KG, Price Per Piece
  • Availability: In Stock
  • HK$728.00

  • Ex Tax: HK$728.00

Deliver from Norway to Hong Kong twice a week

Storage:            0-5°C

Buy the whole fish (including Head / Tail)

Steak Cut:          (head, bone & belly separated)
Piece Cut:          (pieces cut after fillet. head, bone & belly separated)
Fillet Cut:           (2 fillets, head, bone & belly separated)

*Scaling & gutting may remove gross weight
*Have pin bone

*Need to Cook, Otherwise please choose Sashimi Grade Salmon (HERE)

*This is a chilled product with limited shelf life.  Please eat ASAP.
Otherwise, please storage at -18°C.

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